Answer your email!

Funnily enough the typical ‘I’m too busy to answer my email’ people often seem to be busy because they never answer their email – when you know someone who can’t be bothered to check their inbox and respond, you have to call them, even if it’s not a time-critical question. The result? They’re on the phone every day, seven days a week, simply because they don’t use email to deal with less time-critical matters. Which means they’re too busy to answer their email.

One Response to “Answer your email!”

  1. Paddy Says:

    Working in the post room is not generally a career choice for most people. Yet with the epidemic of email most people spend half their working lives slaving away in their own personal computer post room. Most emails are biodegradable, however. If you let them sink to the bottom of the pile and go unanswered they will eventually become irrelevant. To some people, doing this might seem like just about the most daring and suicidal thing you could possibly do in an office but, if something really matters, the person who sent it will eventually call you to ask you about it.- Guy Browning, How Work Really Works (2006)

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