Mrs Saul hits Vienna

I was in Vienna last week for a very well managed marketing event, part of Sun’s ‘100 Cities Roadshow’.
As a presenter at the event, I couldn’t have asked for more – well organised, good attendance, meetings with partners and some leads following my thrilling presentation on Sun’s desktop solutions.
Instead of flying back to Dubai on the Thursday and then back to Vienna and on to Bucharest the following Monday, I stayed the weekend in Vienna and Mrs Saul came out to visit, as she’s on school holidays. It saves Sun the cost of the flight and means that Mrs Saul and I got to spend some time together abroad, as opposed to me spending the weekend being knackered in Dubai and then disappearing again shortly after arriving home.
We had a super weekend in Vienna, staying in the centre in the Mercure Wien Zentrum, (a little shabby and fairly pricey, but right in the middle of things) seeing all the sights and enjoying Vienna Central to the full.
I’ve been to Vienna about 6 times now, both while working for Sun and when working in my second job after uni, but previously I’d never managed more than a brief walk in the evening around the centre of town. On this occasion we had the whole weekend to see all the sites. The weather was perfect and we tramped around on foot like good tourists, taking in almost everything the centre of town has to show.
One thing that struck me in particular was the number of elderly people we saw out and about. On a positive side, this meant that whilst sitting in old Viennese Kaffeehaeuser we saw old Viennese people, beautifully dressed in suits and smart outfits, drinking Kaffee and gossipping. On the other hand, it did seem to illustrate the issue facing Germany and Austria, as I understand it, of an increasingly elderly population, with fewer younger people filling their place. Amongst my German friends, single child families seem to be the norm, the result being an increasingly older average age and an increasing financial burden on the state to support them. I assume Austria is in a similar situation, unless Vienna’s centre happens to have a disproportionately aged population.
Vienna’s centre is incredibly clean and well kept – it’s a shame London can’t match the same standard. It’s also fully pedestrianised. I’d love to see Picaddily Circus, Shaftesbury Avenue and Soho pedestrianised in the same way.
Mrs Saul took some great photos.
“Ladies and gentlemen, your favourite Eastern European Schwarzarbeiter [illegal workers] do the best breakdancing for your cash, thank you so much.”

Consistently stunning architecture througout the town centre…

Modern art meets roccoco Catholic…

I was forced to eat a delicious portion of Sachertorte, at the Sacher hotel.

We don’t really acknowledge the seasons in the UK. Vienna’s shops were full of Easter celebration, which was reflected in the parks, as the trees recovered from Europe’s harshest winter in fifty years.

One Response to “Mrs Saul hits Vienna”

  1. Ali Mahlodji Says:

    Hi Chris,
    got you 😉 Great blog.
    When will I see you next time in Vienna ? Maybe we can both watch the Schwarzarbeiter breakdancing 😉
    Greetings from Vienna,

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