Nice trip from Big Red to the Al Ain road today with Mohammad and his wife Romy in their Wrangler and Reg and Matt in Reg’s SWB Prado.

It’s a good drive – you can make it hard or easy depending on how things progress. I’d like to do a Saturday drive there with the ME4x4 guys and lead a grade 3 trip out to attack some of the bigger dunes and take a more direct route.
Early on in the trip we bumped into Mel, who’d popped a tyre on his Toyota and was trying unsuccessfully to get his spare out from under the car. I used my Max Air to reinflate his tyre in a couple of minutes – that machine is worth every one of the 500 Dirhams I paid for it!
The straight lines on the Google Earth image are from where we followed the fence of the Maha resort. I’d planned to do something more interesting on the second ‘straight leg’, but Romy was beginning to feel a bit ill, so we headed to the road to inflate and head home.
We did a nice mix of easy and more challenging, with no serious stucks.
We saw some deer like animals along they way, but I’m not sure if they were baby gazelles or something else. Tabu got some pics, but the images of the deer are too small to post here.
Mo enjoyed cresting himself on three occasions. Textbook stucks with textbook recoveries.

The sand was pretty hard in most places – at times it was hard to walk up a dune as the top level crust wouldn’t break, making it rather like walking up smooth stone.

Airing down.

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