Desktop in Turkiye

Great trip to Ankara and Istanbul this week. It was really well organised by the local team – I saw two important customers and spent about three hours on Tuesday as the sole presenter at a desktop event in Ankara. We should generate some good leads.
About 75 people turned up and most stayed till the end. We had lots of interest afterwards in both the demo running via VMWare through my laptop and two old Sun Ray 1s, as well as in the free drinks and food.
This was the longest I’ve ever presented at an event like this and I misjudged the timing slightly, although it didn’t really matter in the end. It was also the first time I’ve ever presented with someone doing a simultaneous translation. The two ladies doing the translation had a hard time as I apparently kept speaking too fast. I thought I was speaking extremely slowly and clearly, but although it may have been clear for English speakers, it was still tough for the translators to keep up with.
I should probably deploy a more Charles de Gaulle like manner when presenting, although I don’t know if that would hold an audience who are listening to me voluntarily…

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