When wadis attack

The pics on this blog show how the recent rains have turned a pleasant and easy offroad drive, usually known as the ‘Wadi Bih route’ into a US style, rock crawlers only, excursion.
Wadi Bih’s a great route to take visitors on – fantastic scenery and, up until now at least, nothing more challenging for drivers than engaging four wheel drive and concentrating on not driving off the edge of a cliff.
This could be the right time to persuade Mrs Saul to add the 50″ tyres and lift the Jeep’s crying out for…

One Response to “When wadis attack”

  1. nzm Says:

    If we could have carried on, we would have – it looked promising until we walked around the corner.
    Then some of those boulders that appeared were as big as cars!
    There was no way through further up the track – dammit!

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