Cracking Customer Service Shocker!

In Dubai it’s not uncommon for most of the links in the chain that leads to good customer service to be completely broken, to wit the difficulties my local bank have in supplying replacement atm cards or changing the addresses they have for their customers in their database.
This week I’ve had some thoroughly excellent experiences. After getting the mandatory police report for the dent I caused to the front of the Jeep the other week I poppped over to my insurers, Norwich Union and had the paperwork sorted out in less than five minutes. No wobbling of heads, blank looks, no mystifying requests for passport and visa copies and no hassles whatsoever. Very refreshing.
Things got even better on visiting 4×4 Motors Garage on Sunday to sort out getting the repairs done. For starters they don’t close during the afternoon and for seconds the whole process of examining the car was quick, clear and easy.
The usual Dubai practice is to tell you something will be ready in one day and then actually deliver the required result three days later without proffering an apology. I’ve always found this approach mystifying. Surely it’s irritating to any customer, regardless of his nationality and culture. Francis, however, was a paragon of customer service virtue. He told me the car would definitely be ready on Thursday and that I should drop it in the next morning, Monday. I asked if Weds afternoon would be possible and he said he’d do his best but couldn’t promise anything. Fair enough.
Today, Tuesday, Francis gives me a bell to say my car is ready to collect. Two days early. Brilliant. Set the customer’s expectations and exceed them and you’ll have a happy customer.
The workmanship is also excellent and there is no sign that there was any damage, aside from a suspiciously new looking bumper and fender. To my shame this is the second time that 4×4 have repaired the Jeep. The last time was after I squashed a metal pole that was blocking a parking space, which crushed the left hand front side of the car. Today 4×4 were fixing the same area, but on the righthand side on this occasion.
4×4’s repair shop have a customer conundrum now – excellent service, that noone ever wants to be in a position to need. Rather like an ambulance service…

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