Smiley’s Engagement Architect

I’ve just started reading John Le Carre’s ‘Smiley vs Karla’ trilogy, with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy already finished.
As with most of the Le Carre novel’s I’ve read, ‘Tinker’ took time to get into, but was more than worth sticking with.
What really struck me was the fact that just over 30 years later I am now freely travelling around the ‘enemy’ countries, working with the local Sun guys who are all employees of a large US company and even getting involved in government related projects. How times have changed.
My father is a big John Le Carre fan, but when he was reading the George Smiley books he was probably travelling in the same countries Le Carre’s characters are running about, as his (perfectly legitimate) work in the 70s and the very early 80s took him to Eastern Europe and Russia. Travelling for me in 2006 must be much easier than it was for him in 1976…

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