Writing a blog entry about rain would be rather dull in England, but here in Dubai it’s quite an exciting topic – it also gives us something else to talk about than traffic.
First off, I’m glad I live on the 34th floor of my building. Others haven’t fared that well during the last couple of days’ downpour.
Everything falls to pieces when it rains here, with the roads being the worst offenders. Since it rarely rains in this part of the world, the roads aren’t optimised for efficient drainage, so you get sudden pools of water appearing in the middle of your lane, which can be quite disconcerting. For some reason people always put their hazard lights on when it’s raining, the result being a sea of flashing orange lights on the motorway, lurching in and out of lanes, with half the people driving ridiculously slowly, whilst the other half continue to drive at their normal warp speeds.
We had planned to do an offroad trip today, but it was still raining this morning and likely to rain on and off during the day, so being the hardcore offroaders we are, I decided to cancel it. I’ll be going next week though, which should be fun. Driving in the dunes after heavy rain is great fun, rather like driving through a large skateboard park. Since the ground is so much firmer than usual you can race up dunes that would normally not be so accessible. Hopefully I’ll have some nice pics after next week’s trip…
Here’s what the dunes looked like the last time we went out after rain.

One Response to “Rain!”

  1. Riz Says:

    Just as Dubai is being hit by freak rain storms, the UK is facing a drought. Reservoir levels are unusually low, water companies are making water meters compulsory, and there is talk of a hose pipe ban this summer. In the local news, one man even had a bore hold dug in his garden to ensure he had plenty water for his swimming pool.

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