Palm T|X review

I bought a Palm TX the other day to replace the stolen Palm Vx that I’d been quite happily using since around 2000. Now that I’ve been using it for a few days, here are my thoughts.
The reviews on the web were good and I had all my data backed up via Palm Desktop so I knew that getting back up and running would be easy – and it was. I bought the device from a Palm store when I was in the US, for $299, which seems pretty much the going rate.
What I like –
* WiFi and Bluetooth.
* Ability to browse the web.
* Ability to check my mail, if SunIT change the way my mail’s handled.
* Ability to change the viewing angle from portrait to landscape.
* Left handed support when changing viewing angle.
* Lovely bright screen.
* Usual easy to use Palm calendar, todo list and other utilities.
* SD card slot which means I can use the Palm as an iPod lite if need be – we’ll see.
* It’s a Palm – it just works and it’s easy to use.
What I don’t like –
* Main central button is already a bit loose, which makes the unit feel tacky and cheap.
* Plastic frame not as stylish as the Palm Vx’s brushed steel.
* Leather case doesn’t attach via the spine of the device. Instead the Palm sits in a pocket, which looks less stylish, as well as being quite bulky. The assistant sold me a Tungsten case, claiming that the TX is the same size, but the case doesn’t really seem to fit perfectly, which for $30 it should.
* Changes to Graffiti 2 don’t generally seem to be for the better, although this may simply be a case of me needing to get used to writing differently.
* Word completion still doesn’t come as standard with Graffiti and I can’t find a free tool on the web to replace what worked with the Vx. This is really something that should be standard by now.
* Battery life seems a little disappointing compared to the Vx.
* Web browser isn’t fully left handed enabled – when viewing in landscape mode, you have to press on the right side of the screen to scroll. Since I have left handed mode enabled the scroll bar should be on the left side.
* Device shipped with a US only 110V adaptor, so I can only trickle charge via usb until I fork out for a proper adaptor to replace the one that went phut.
* Device doesn’t ship with a cradle.
* The cover that ships with the TX is appalling – incredibly cheap looking and doesn’t cover the unit properly. I’d rather not ship anything than ship something of such poor quality.
What I don’t like but isn’t Palm’s fault –
* Synching with Sun ONE calendar using the latest version of Palm Desktop isn’t supported, which means I have to use an older version which Palm supposedly don’t support, but seems to work, but sometimes doesn’t, which leads to things being a bit messy.
Of all the complaints, the loose button and the case issues are the most annoying, which shows that all things considered I’m very pleased – a nice incremental improvement. Let’s hope it lasts me at least another 6 years, as did my trusty Vx. Let’s also hope in doesn’t get stolen from a hotel room, as did my trusty Vx.

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