More gadgets!

As part of my ongoing gadget fest, thanks to all my stuff getting stolen recently, I’ve been reunited with my old Nokia 6310i, a model dating from 2001, which I was amazed to see is still being sold. Clearly a bit of a classic.
After using my Sun supplied Sony T6310 for a year and continually being frustrated by its unintuitive user interface and semi-functioning joystick, using the 6310i again was like meeting up with an old friend. Incredibly easy to use, no unnecessary features getting in the way. I can see why it’s still available.
Still, it’s a little too big for my pockets these days, so I’ve borrowed a 6230 from a friend, which is equally as easy to use as its older brother, but packages modern features in a way the Sony didn’t manage.
My only problem is negotiating a decent permanent replacement phone from the Sun office. Although some other people have been supplied a 6230i, which is what I want, the current crop in our office manager’s draw consists of the definitely unbusinesslike 6600, as supplied by the mobile shop we deal with, for some unknown reason. I’m sure it’s a decent phone, but it’s just too big and bulky for my liking. It looks more like a toy than a business tool. I was offered a 6610, but Bluetooth is now a necessity for me, plus the model I was given was used by someone who’s just left and is rather dirty and rickety now.
I’m probably being fussy, as I know a lot of people don’t get supplied mobiles by their companies, even if they’re expected to be contactable all the time. I just want the right tool for the right job – and if Gerard who sits next to me got a 6230i, then I want one too!
Although I hadn’t backed up the stolen Sony, the old 6310i still had most of my contacts on it. Copying numbers from the 6310i to my PC and over to the borrowed 6230 should have been a breeze, but for some reason Nokia’s PC Synch software didn’t want to do it. I was able to back the 6310i up, but restoring to the 6230 gave a funny error about ‘making sure my phones spoke the right language’. This was a bit of a let down. Nokia really ought to provide tools that work with their previous models, although looking at the number of third party packages on the web for managing mobiles they may intentionally be leaving that market to others to populate.
I got things synched in the end by copying the 6310i to Outlook and then Outlook to the 6320. Still, it’d be nice to be able to use Nokia software to manage your Nokia phones without having to buy an Outlook licence.

4 Responses to “More gadgets!”

  1. James L Says:

    According to Mobile Phones UK (see link below), the Nokia 6021 is probably the nearest thing to the old 6310: but in a smaller package (and with more features).

  2. James L Says:

    According to Mobile Phones UK (see link below), the Nokia 6021 is probably the nearest thing to the old 6310: but in a smaller package (and with more features).

  3. Chris Says:

    Looks perfect – I’ll have to see how much it is if I can’t get hold of a decent phone from Sun…

  4. Tim T Says:

    Would this be the Chris Saul who used to work in Sun UK ? Anyway I have been looking to replace my “classic” Nokia 6310i…this was useful information..I am now prowling around ebay looking for an unlocked 6021!

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