Upgraded to the States

The 2nd to the 9th of October saw me travelling to and from Santa Clara for our six monthly Desktop Practice update.
As usual I flew Dubai-New York with Emirates and New York-San Francisco with an American airline. As usual Emirates was excellent and the American airline did its best to make you feel as if you were travelling on a cheap and rather tatty bus staffed with people paid commission on how grumpy they could appear.
The Emirates portion was improved by upgrades both way to Business Class. What a difference – this time I actually felt fine for the string of meetings we had and arrived home feeling great after having an excellent meal and sleeping for at least 7 of the 13 hour flight.
The problem with getting upgraded on a reasonably regular basis is that when I actually have to fly in Economy I feel like I’ve been downgraded. The difference in quality is big, as is the price, of course.
Sun’s policy on flying is that it’s Economy all the way, unless you’re pretty senior. Even my boss, who has a target of several hundred million, slums it in Economy. Given the expense of Business Class I can understand the policy, but I wonder if it’s not a little counter-productive at times? If you arrive for your meetings feeling ill, tired and genearally not able to function, the cost of your trip is effectively wasted. How you’d police which flight deserves business class is probably too complex to implement.
My suggestion – Chris flies Business, everyone else flies Economy.

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