Getting fat in Santa Clara

The recent Desktop Practice meeting, held at the beginning of October, was excellent.
* The practice is working well together
* The product set is getting even better
* Some real focus on what works and what doesn’t is being implemented.
This focus is long overdue at Sun for the desktop line, in my opinion. It’s also a good example of how assembling product sets into practices seems to be working. The practices are active in the field and are experts on what works and what doesn’t. The resulting feedback to those on high is valuable.
What amazed me about this particular meeting was the ill-hidden intention of the organisers to send me home sevearl stone heavier. We had muffins, cookies, and other sweet things in the morning, fresh biscuits mid-morning, huge lunches, ice cream in the afternoon, tonnes of sugary drinks – a veritable feast, non-stop, throughout the day. You don’t get that in the UK or Dubai office!

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