Dear man in the silver sedan

If you drive one foot behind me on the main roads of this wonderful emirate, flash your lights, toot your horn and swerve from side to side, I’m not going to move out of your way.
Even if I’d wanted to move, I couldn’t. For a start, you were too close, so it wasn’t safe to move. There were people on my right and people ahead anyway, so there was nowhere to go. Finally, if you’re going to drive like that, you’ll find most people will just stick to what they’re doing and stay in their lane. Why should we do you a favour whilst you do your best to put a premature end to your life?
Your spoilt brat behaviour is simply going to get you killed one day. I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too bothered if you were to wrap yourself around a lamp post, but please don’t take me with you.
If you’d driven up behind, kept a safe distance and waited about 30 seconds I’d have moved out of your way at the next feasible opportunity. Bear that in mind next time please. And let all the others know whilst you’re at it.
One final thing. When you did get passed me, what was the point of then pulling in front of me, nearly smashing into my car and then slamming your brakes on whilst waving your hands? If you were trying to be a living sterotype, you managed to do everything right.


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