What’s poisoning me?

Something in my flat is trying to kill me.
I’m not a particularly ‘allergic’ person. I grew up with cats in the house and never had any bad reaction to them. Now I’m a bit older I find I sneeze a bit if I go into a room with cats, but it usually subsides pretty quickly. This summer I had some irritating hayfever, but that’s about it.
In Dubai I’ve had no problems at all until the last few days – something in my flat is giving me a severe reaction and I can’t work out what’s causing the itchy, runny nose!
We’re in a tower block with sealed windows and the AC keeps the place fresh, there are no animals inside, no carpets or curtains to get dusty. All I can think of is that it’s some new ingredient in some household product we use that’s either changed or suddenly decided to make being in my own home a misery. As soon as I go outside it clears up.
This is driving me potty.


One Response to “What’s poisoning me?”

  1. M. Mortazavi Says:

    Take cat stuff seriously. I used to live with some folks who had cats when I was still a teenager in Santa Cruz. It didn’t bother me. (At least that’s what I remember now but I also remember some discomfort only in retrospect.) Later, I used to spend a great deal of time with friends in San Francisco who had cats. I went to a run and when I returned I was gasping for breath and that’s when my cat allergy started in a way that I’ll never forget again. So, one’s body can react differently to these sorts of things as we grow older. Take care.

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