My favourite Sun Ray customer

I was lucky enough to visit a customer recently who are really using Sun Ray to its fullest potential. What’s more they’re very happy with it and it’s working well – the days of rushing around fixing PCs are long gone for the IT team. They are doing pretty much everything it’s possible to do with Sun Ray and are reaping the benefits.
We’re hoping to do an official write up as soon, but here’s an anonymous summary of what they’re up to for now.
The Sun Ray set up currently runs to several hundred seats, principally used by people in their
‘Network Operations Centres’. The NOCs monitor the company network’s health, take services calls, etc. Other users access a variety of applications through their Sun Rays.
Most users have multiheaded set ups, with 3, 4, or 5 monitors on the desk displaying Solaris, Windows and other flavours of Unix on their desktops.
One office even has three Sun Rays working fine at the end of a 128Kbps link, connecting back to a central server.
Citrix is used to deliver Windows applications and where required, Tarantella is used to deliver Unix apps to Sun Ray and PC users on the end of thin lines.
Some custom code has been written so that users’ usb drives are automatically mounted and appear as an icon on users’ Windows desktops.
Some scripting has also been written to integrate with the internal phone network. When a user inserts a card, their extension is automatically set up so that they can use the phone on the desk they are at without needing to log into it – simply inserting your smartcard into the Sun Ray sorts everything out.
What’s interesting about the whole project is that it’s very much been driven by the IT team ‘on the ground’ rather than by senior managers, from what I understand. The guys were constantly rushing about managing the ‘cheap’ PCs they had. This was expensive, time consuming and frankly rather boring. So they looked at alternatives…
I’d love to say I had a hand in the project, but the praise goes to the local partner, as well as Sun’s local Solutions Architect.
I can’t wait to be able to have an official case study done, as it should help us replicate the solution elsewhere quite easily.


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    Can you comment on who the customer is? I am a Sun Partner and would be under NDA.

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