Hummer H3 spotted

Whilst off on a trip to Wadi Tayyibeh yesterday I spotted the new Hummer H3 whilst filling up at the petrol station.

Apparently the owner had managed to get hold of one a few weeks before they start shipping officially to the UAE. From the look of it, I can imagine it’ll be a much more sensible car for desert driving than it’s behemoth cousin, the H2. There are tonnes of H2s in Dubai – I have to say I really don’t like them. Far too over the top. The rest of the group had some very nice looking Land Rover Defenders.
At the opposite side of the offroad scale, I spotted this little Suzuki Jeep just before the village of Tayyibeh.

Polar opposite to the Hummer!
Although it’s not that long since we’d driven down Wadi Tayyibeh, it was fun to do the route again.


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