Headbanging on Turkish Airlines

I love having all my songs on my iPod. From time to time I rediscover an album I’d bought a while ago and possibly didn’t like first time around. On random second or third playing it turns out to be just right for the occasion.
Last week, whilst sitting on a plane to Istanbul, I rediscovered Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary of a Madman’ and ‘Bark at the Moon’. I’m not a metalhead at all, or at least thought I wasn’t, but what a couple of classics! I found myself headbanging my way over the Bosphorous.
Look at these dreadful lyrics from Bark at the Moon. Pure genius –
They cursed and buried him
Along with shame
And thought his timeless soul had gone
In empty burning hell–unholy one
But now he’s returned to prove them wrong (oh no)
Howling in shadows
Living in a lunar spell
He finds his heaven
Spewing from the mouth of hell
‘Over the Mountain’ also has a couple of great lines –
Over and under in between the ups and downs
My mind’s carpet magic ride goes round and round.
Over the mountain kissing silver inlaid clouds
Watching my body disappear into the crowd.
Don’t need no astrology it’s inside of you and me
You don’t need a ticket to fly with me – I’m free.
This is truly atrocious poetry, but the whole package comes together to make a couple of great albums. I’d love to see him live, but I doubt they’ll be letting Ozzy into Dubai. He might bite the head off a camel.

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