Star Wars

We went to see Star Wars last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.
That said, when I walked out of the cinema I realised that I hadn’t actually got a clue what had actually happened. Amidst all the explosions, visual effects and Ewan MacGregor’s impersonation of a talking Oak tree, the plot had somehow got lost. Who were they fighting again? Why was Palpatine apparently fighting his own forces? Why don’t the Jedi just use a gun every now and then? Obe Wan saw how handy they can be when he dispatched General Grievous. Surely a little one tucked into a sock would be a practical compromise?
This was probably my fault – I should have swatted up on the plot before going, but still, a little more clarity would have been helpful.
What I do feel let all the last three films down was the lack of a ‘real’ character along the lines of a Han Solo. In the original three he brings a feel of reality to things. Amongst all the Force mumbo jumbo and intergalactic politics he’s just a guy trying to make a living, however honestly or dishonestly, which is refreshing.
On the theme of ‘real’ in Star Wars, I love the way the kit that’s used looks, well, ‘used’. Things are dirty and dented and resemble working machines rather than the pristine equipment that you see in Star Trek and other similar films and serials. How come everything from Naboo is so stylish? The people of Naboo certainly have an eye for the stylish. Their ships look like beautiful TVRs and Rolls Royces surrounded by ten year old Toyotas.
A great cinema experience. I remember coming out of Richmond Odeon with my dad after watching Return of the Jedi when it came out and running down the 65 bus stop pretending to be an X Wing. I was tempted to do something similar as we came out of City Centre shopping mall in Dubai, but my wife would probably have disowned me.

2 Responses to “Star Wars”

  1. Stuart Saul Says:

    I do not remember this incident of my son thinking he was an “X wing”, but this may have been because at that moment I was communicating with my great and mentor Darth Vador. Perhaps Christopher felt the Force and reined himself in before I became aware.

  2. pwl Says:

    instant plot summary:
    the best way to ensure you win a war is to actually run both sides.
    palpatine created a situation where the leaders of the galaxy would actually vote him in to a position of supreme power
    as to using a gun: do you remember when han & leia meet darth vader in the empire strikes back? han shoots at him & the bolts just fly off vader’s hand. something to do with the force i guess.
    ok – i’m a starwars nerd – i’ll go hideunder my rock now

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