Skiing in the desert?

Dubai is one big construction site at the moment. Here are a few pics to show some of the crazy stuff that’s going on.
First off, do you fancy going skiing? Bearing in mind that in the summer it can hit 50C and 100% humidity, pulling on your saloupettes and moon boots might make a welcome change.
The Mall of the Emirates will allow you to indulge in some on-piste action. The ski slope’s just been raised and is rapidly taking shape. You can see it at the top left of this photo.

We took these pics whilst driving to have afternoon tea at the Ritz, as one does. This next one was taken just before the Sun office, which is a little further on the right. The bridge we are driving under will take cars to the first Palm Island that’s being built. We must have seen over 100 large building being built during our twenty minute drive.
When you look at this photo, bear in mind that when I first came to Dubai in July 2002, of all the skyscrapers in this stunning skyline, only two were under construction and they had only reached 12 floors. They are now part of a massive development which includes a large marina.

Just before we arrived at the Ritz we saw the site of the world’s first underwater hotel, which will allegedly have its own missile defence system. How reassuring.

Line after line of skycrapers are being built right up to the beach front, which is lined by 5 star hotels. This is the line closest to the beach, with buildings standing about three deep.

Compare the view from the entrance to the Ritz in October of 2004 with May 2005. The top picture is from last year, the bottom one was taken yesterday:

And finally, here’s Tabu enjoying an English tradition amidst 5 Star luxury in the middle of what 50 years ago was a small fishing settlement on the edge of the desert.

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