Sun Rays as ‘work from home’ devices, sold via Telcos

I’ve put together a sales brief to explain a straightforward business model for deploying Sun Rays over WAN, via telcos. There are all sorts of potential ways it can be useful and a lot of countries are looking at working with telcos/ISPs to rent a Sun Ray to consumer customers.
I’d like to see us working with local telcos following a different strategy. Lots of customers out there would like to be able to provide a work from home service for their existing or potential employees. Using PCs or even WinTerms is just too expensive – there’s something to manage, whether it’s helping non tech savvy users run virus checks or install the latest Citrix or Tarantella client, or updating that embedded XP OS remotely. Either way, why should employees connect to company apps via a consumer device? Let them keep their home PC is they have one and provide work access instead via something that’s zero management and provided as a service via your telco. For technically savvy users
Telcos understand providing dial tone and zero maintenance devices to customers and billing for that services – they’ve been doing it for years with the humble telephone. Sun Ray’s very similar to a telephone. It display apps that run elsewhere, just as a telephone can do anything that the service on the other end provides, from simple voice conversations to ordering cinema tickets, securely checking a bank balance, etc., etc., etc. Sun Ray servers live at the telco datecentre, a DSL line and a Sun Ray is placed at the employee’s home. The telco essentially provides ‘dialtone’ from the employee’s home or the customer’s datacentre. Place a Citrix or Tarantella setup in the customer’s server room and you’ve got access to services and applications.
The telco has nothing to manage – the Sun Rays, unlike PCs, WinTerms or other products on the market, never need maintenance. If one breaks, stick another one in and you’re up and running where you left off. Beyond the odd tiny firmware update, which occurs transparently to users and needs little or no intervention from admins, there’s no management of local software. The firmware’s tiny. In short, Sun Ray allows this kind of business model, PCs or any device with an OS to manage don’t.
If a business wants employees to work from home, they rent the service form the telco for the Sun Ray ‘dialtone’. The telco places a broadband connection and a Sun Ray at the employee’s house. A Sun partner installs, test and configures the Citrix/TTA server and your employee’s working securely from home, with no headaches for the telco in terms of app provisions and no headaches for the customer’s IT manager, who just makes sure his Windows app are being smoothly delivered by Citrix, Terminal Services, or whatever.

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