Mazzy Star on a Shuffle, iPod or iRiver?

Bought three Mazzy Star CDs, which I’m really enjoying. Not sure why I missed Mazzy Star the first time around. They seem to have released most of their good stuff when I was at Uni, during which time my music budget was nil and the indie discos I went to played more lively stuff.
I haven’t listened to enough music recently and really must get a decent mp3 player. I think the Shuffle would be best for me. Looks nice, not too pricey. I should get the cheaper

3 Responses to “Mazzy Star on a Shuffle, iPod or iRiver?”

  1. Mushlette Says:

    I have an iPod mini, and I have to say the thing is remarkably solid. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it didn’t bother the thing at all. I don’t think you really need a case unless you’re manic about cosmetic scratches.
    My 4Gb mini is full now and I’m wanting a 40Gb iPod now; you probably won’t be satisfied with a Shuffle. There’s something addictive about carrying your tunes around.

  2. Chris Says:

    Your probably right. I do like the idea of having absolutely everything there when I need it.
    A friend got the iPod Photo of Christmas, so he gets to carry around all his pics too, which is actually quite a fun thing to be able to do.
    Just need to save up that pocket money I suppose 🙂

  3. Mushlette Says:

    Just carry your lunch for a bit… it’ll add up. *giggle* Plus you can get a mini for two hundred clams these days, if you wanna start small!

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