Cut working hours, increase employment


I don’t quite understand the logic here.

Nine years on Tuesday


C and T Wedding-035.jpg

C and T Wedding-012.jpg

C and T Wedding-092.jpg

Day at the beach




Proof I work for Red Hat now



Shiny Dubai


It’s not quite as shiny as it looks in the video, but a great video none the less.

We live near the tall tower.

Women in the (Turkish) workplace


Nice to be back in Istanbul again with my new job.

Most of the key people I met during today’s meetings were women – I would say a much higher proportion than you’d find in the UK. Not something most Brits would expect to encounter in Turkey, I would guess.

When I commented on this during one of my first visits in 2005 or so, I was told affordable childcare makes a key difference. Having a live-in ‘maid’ or nanny does not break the bank, as you can hire someone, typically from other areas of the country, to do this role.

Thinking aloud, what if we had immigration rules relaxed for home help in the UK?

Inflight entertainment


Nice to see Emirates in the photo at the top.

The flip side of the question – will inflight entertainment matter in a few years, when everyone has their own equipment? BYOD for the air? All you’ll need is your tablet and, probably a wifi connection, or a bit of planning to load your own stuff on before you leave.

Laughing Baby


Zara turned one last week.

It’s been a good first year. She’s well and is very good natured. She also likes to laugh a lot.

Family photo



Fossil Rock


A nice pootle off to Fossil Rock the other day.

I enjoyed driving the Patrol more this time. Totally different to the Jeep – I’ve complained before about the tiptronic not staying in gear under high revs, but on this trip I left things in drive and kept the revs lower, with the mighty beast pulling me up some steep dunes quite easily. More floating along rather than ploughing through. I’d still prefer more control, but…

The saddle of Fossil Rock has become quite eroded, which makes for quite a fun negotiation downwards before the sand begins again. My Patrol scraped the rock a bit and it sounded horrendous, but there was no damage to be seen at all. Rock and metal just sounds terrible, even if it’s just a scratch.

Here’s Matt going over it.

Here’s me.

Here’s how you get over a fence.



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